My enthusiasm for finance and real estate emerged early in my career. I discovered that real estate encompasses more than mere property transactions. It requires skillful negotiation and nurturing relationships on multiple levels. Furthermore, it’s a venture fraught with inherent risks, yet it captivates me entirely. Sixteen years ago, I courageously launched my own real estate company, and ever since, I have never looked back with any trace of regret.

As CEO of Hans-On Company, I bring to the table exceptional negotiation skills. Throughout my career, I have amassed a wealth of experience in successfully navigating commercial and residential real estate negotiations, managing complex interdisciplinary business acquisitions, and collaborating with private equity ventures. With a solid background in Real Estate Project Development, I have honed my leadership abilities. I oversee our team of advisors committed to delivering comprehensive financial solutions and expert guidance to businesses, individuals, referral partners, and other verticals.

Alongside my sixteen-year tenure as CEO, I also serve as a consultant at Barclay Holdings and a management professor at St. John’s University determined to excel in the essential competencies and values needed for leadership and service in our rapidly evolving world. Consequently, my primary focus is on nurturing the human aspects within organizations and empowering our students to embrace St. John’s transformative mission. This entails inspiring generations of students through active participation in new ideas, fostering a profound curiosity about the business world, and nurturing a spirit of intellectual exploration and adventure.

My years of experience and diversity of client success stories can enhance your business, accelerate the entire enterprise portfolio of performance, and unlock new levels of value for customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders.

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