I was introduced to Mr. Hans by a close family friend. It was during a very difficult time in my life—operating an orphanage in my beloved country of Haiti while taking care of an ailing mom in Queens, New York. Mr. Hans stepped into my life and immediately assumed a leadership role during the entire sale of my property. He started by securing the buyer, assisted the buyer in mortgage financing, then negotiated short sale settlements with two banks. He went on to clear the title by negotiating open judgments for pennies on a dollar and coordinated among lawyers, lender, and title company to ensure the final closing was done without any problems. He even assisted after the closing to ensure all post-closing requirements were dealt with satisfactorily.

As a homeowner and a woman of color, the only word that comes to mind to describe Mr. Hans’ true skills is awesome! I highly recommend him to anyone facing mortgage problems, who needs competent, affordable, and honest dealings.

I want to express my heart-felt Thank You to Mr. Hans for helping me through a very difficult time in my life. Not only he advised me candidly about the reality I faced, but he proposed a personalized financial solution to get me out of my dilemma with dignity. When I think of Mr. Hans, I think of him as a “negotiation bridge over my troubled financial waters.” He is always insightful, amazing, trustworthy and full of wisdom. I highly and completely recommend Mr. Hans especially to homeowners like myself who are having mortgage problems.

Thank You Mr. Hans!!!!

I want to say a BIG thank you to Mr. Hans for helping me during my financial distress. He provided useful advice, guided me thru a complex negotiation process and assuage my fears. If I can afford to pay Mr. Hans, he deserves 10 times the amount he earned. I applaud Mr. Hans for being a competent professional in the real estate industry and a quintessential leader in this field.

Thank You, Sir.

I want to thank, Mr. Hans for a real estate negotiation job well done!

I really needed a seasoned negotiator with knowledge and expertise beyond the “other” negotiators out there. He simply exceeded my expectations in record time. I am so happy and satisfied with his work and his core competencies during and after my highly complex settlement arrangement with my lenders and creditors.

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