About Us

Our leadership team of experienced industry professionals is at the heart of HANS-ON REAL ESTATE COMPANY, a state-licensed agency, fully insured, bank-certified and full-service real estate brokerage firm. We assist home owners in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Florida in negotiating down the amount owed on a home loan, and other types of recurring debts. This upshot creates a win-win situation for both parties by providing the homeowner an option before their property is foreclosed upon, and by achieving maximum recovery for servicers and creditors. Our corporate offices are conveniently located at 1596 Dutch Broadway, Elmont, NY 11003. Moreover, our professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled negotiators serve and assist home owners in execution throughout the short sale process. Accordingly, we look forward to helping our clients achieve their real estate goals, we are truly dedicated to providing quality, flexible and personalized solutions to our clients. Read More

Our mission

Our continuous mission is to provide professional short sale negotiation and loss mitigation services. We serve as a neutral third party to all real estate transactions, we do not take an ownership position when selling, buying, managing or renting properties. Our mission, as thought leaders, is to find the best solution for both buyer and seller by working tirelessly to resolve foreclosure through effective negotiation, we will do our best to achieve your desired out come as quickly as possible.